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Rapidly Growing Region Wholesale Furniture & Appliance Distributor


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Southern, U.S.

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Nydia Blanco

(832) 730-5987


BUSINESS HIGHLIGHTS: The Company is a rapidly growing, leading regional wholesale distributor of appliances, furniture, electronics, and seasonal items servicing independent retailers and rent-to-own dealers throughout the Great Plans and the Southern US. The Company is the sole distributor for multiple top appliance brands in the US and offers its own private label line of furniture and mattresses. With a large product portfolio, multiple distribution centers across the US and the ability to rely on internal logistics the Company is an established regional player and a one-stop shop for most of their customer base. INVESTMENT HIGHLIGHTS: Critical Mass: The Company’s estimated revenue of $95.0 million in FY 2022 and exclusive distributor relationships give the Company a strong footing its region. As one of the larger regional competitors, the Company has substantial market share and the opportunity to continue its expansion. Diversified, Long Term Customer Base: With no one customer representing more than 5% of total sales over the historical period, the Company has an incredibly diverse customer base. In addition, the average key customer relationship is more than 17 years indicating the strength and long-term nature of these relationships. Superior Name and Reputation: The Company has developed a nearly 75-year reputation for the quality of its products and services, expertise, dependability, and superior customer support. Their commitment to quality products and services has resulted in revenue from repeat business measured at 99%. Strong Historical Sales EBITDA Growth: The Company’s sales grew from nearly $50M in 2019 to more than $103M in 2021. In addition, EBITDA increased from approximately ($1.0M) in 2019 to $7.7M in 2021.