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Turnkey Design, Steel Fabrication and Erection/Installation


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Southern U.S.

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Nydia Blanco

(832) 730-5987


The Company is a turnkey design, steel fabrication and erection/installation contractor to a number of industries throughout the Southern United States. More specifically, the Company provides structural steel (communication skids, transfer towers, industrial buildings), material handling fabrication (pipe, belt, and chain conveyors), oil field fabrication (HPU skids, parts/change houses, accumulator houses, toolboxes), plate work (hoppers, bins, chutes) as well as ancillary products (handrails, stairs, etc.). Business Highlights Superior Name and Reputation: The Company was founded more than 40 years ago and has built a reputation for providing quality fabrication, design, and field services. It is also well known for its expertise on meeting the needs of complex, turnkey processes. Customer Relationships: Due to the Company’s long history of dependability and reliable manufacturing services. The Company’s top customers have a relationship averaging 16 years. Markets Served: The Company’s customer base is very diverse, serving a wide range of markets including steel, biomass, forestry, aggregate, foundry, technology, power, and other industrial markets. High Earning Margins: EBITDA margins were maintained above 20.0% of sales throughout the historical period and are expected to be at 21.2% in 2022. Strong Fixed Asset Base: The Company continues to make capital investments to maintain its facility and equipment fleet as well as support growth. The FMV of the Company's’ assets is in excess of $5.5 million.