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Tom Staszak


BUSINESS HIGHLIGHT The Company is an automotive dealership representing Ford and is one of the leading volume dealerships in the region. The Company is well-positioned in a region that is experiencing significant economic growth, in one of the wealthiest counties in the region. The Company’s reputation and local brand awareness has established it as the preeminent Ford dealership in the region. INVESTMENT APPEAL Strong Sales Growth — Ownership estimates revenues to increase by 6.6% in 2022 based on current year revenue trends. Superior Name and Reputation — The Company has developed an excellent reputation within the region during its existence, which is reflected in the repeat business realized. Exclusive Location — The Company’s physical location is ideal for marketing to potential and existing vehicle owners. Excellent Brand Awareness — The Company is the preeminent Ford dealership in its region. With quality service and customer satisfaction a top priority, the referral base continues to climb. Efficient Process —The dealership developed a cutting-edge proprietary system, for the digital paperwork delivery on vehicles, streamlining the process both for the customer and dealership while protecting the dealership from compliance regulations.