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Leading Master distributor for disposable Restaurant Supplies

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Chris Wolf


Our client is a leading Master distributor supplying disposable restaurant supplies to wholesale distributors servicing the food service and janitorial industry. The Company has excellent sourcing and can provide favorable terms due to its cash position and relationships. Key Aspects of the business include: • Diverse Customer Base • Deep Bench of W2 Sales Employees • Decades-Long Relationships with Diverse Suppliers • 69,000 Sq. Ft. Office and Warehouse • Barcoded Inventory CRM Tracking  INVESTMENT APPEAL • The Company has national coverage of its products and works directly with the consumer to find the right product for its offering • There is an on-sight art department, sample department, and showroom which allows it to cement long-term relationships with all types of restaurants. • Our Client invests in resources beyond salespeople to help partners simplify the sales process, allowing them to focus on their customer’s needs. It works with factories to improve the sampling process so the guess work for distributor sales reps is eliminated.