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The Company sells and installs carpet and flooring; sales consist of commercial bid-work (student housing, elderly/assisted living, & healthcare), multi-family management, & high end residential in the Southern US.- Extensive Products Portfolio: The Company offers a wide range of flooring products, including: carpet, rugs, hardwood, bamboo, laminate, ceramic tile, natural stone, vinyl, luxury vinyl tile (LVT), and vinyl composition tile (VCT). Management recently added countertops and a shop at home program (a service not currently offered in its market) to its product offering.- Superior Name & Reputation: With more than 20 years in business, the Company is a well-known flooring supplier in a growing southern US city. The Company’s strong commitment to customer service and diverse product offering (including hard to source foreign products) has established its reputation as the premier flooring provider in the state.-Diverse Customer Base: The Company has a number of strong relationships with commercial contractors that focus on: senior/student/multi-family housing construction, government facilities, hospitality, and real estate management companies. No one customer accounted for more than 5% of total sales. In addition, the commercial and multi-family business provides for a high level of recurring revenue as flooring is continually replaced.-Strong Historical Sales & EBITDA Growth: Sales havegrown steadily over the last three years achieving a CAGR of 9.0% and are on track to grow again in 2017. In addition, the Company has improved its margins over the historical period, reaching 13.5% of sales in 2016.