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Large scale Commercial Masonry Contractor


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Southwestern U.S.

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Bo Zhao

(949) 679-4592



Consistent Historical and Current Year Revenue: Revenues for 2019 to 2021 was between 37 million to 38 million. Current year projection is consistent with historical numbers.

Management Will Remain through Transition: Ownership is interested and willing to remain with the Company after a transaction to facilitate an orderly transition to new ownership and, as appropriate, assist in achieving long-term strategic growth objectives.

Not Highly Dependent on Current Ownership: The Company’s management is structured optimally with highly qualified and reliable personnel such that it can run well without ownership’s presence.

Labor Compliant: The Company is one of the few construction companies to 100% E-verify and is I-9 compliant with all employees

Safety: The Company spared no expense in training and policy to carry the lowest eMOD rate in the industry at 0.65. The industry average eMOD rate is at 2.45.

Headquartered in Southwestern US, the Company is one of the largest and most reputable commercial masonry contractors. Currently staffed with 20 crews of highly skilled and trained workers, it provides an extensive list of masonry installation services: including concrete masonry units, prefabricated panels, precast, brick, and all types of stone. It also offers installation of all types of architectural masonry units in every shape and form, such as retaining walls, sound walls, screen walls, fire walls, elevator and stair shafts. The Company’s target market includes clients demanding masonry construction for commercial projects, which typically include but not limited to hospitals, schools, office, retail, apartments, hotels, resorts, senior living, prisons, and more. It has solidly established itself in the last 23 years with over 300 clients and has become known within the region with owners, architects, and general contractors as the leading commercial masonry contractor.