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Northwestern U.S.

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Trevor Hill

(206) 486-3408


The Company provides diversified commercial contracting, construction management, and design-build services to corporations, private developers, and public agency customers. Services include the full range of estimating, pre-construction consulting, project scheduling, management, and job closeout. The Company is licensed in Oregon, Washington, California, and Idaho. The Company self-performs on all projects, positioned as the lead, commandeering safety, scheduling, quality, and reporting policies throughout. The Company’s project experience encompasses a wide range of project profiles in diverse markets, which have included the complete range of interior, exterior, utilities, ground-up new, restoration/remodel, public project, involving various engineering and other trade disciplines. Operations are supported by 70+ full time employees (non-union), and multiple long term subcontractor relationships.


Audited Financial Statements:
The Company has a long history of audited financial statements, providing a high level of transparency, and credibility for financing partners and potential acquirers.

Niche Markets: The Company has long term relationships and project expertise in schools, higher education, church, and institutional markets.

Successful Bid or Negotiated Track Record: The Company has a good mix of negotiated and hard bid contracts, and a track record of profitability with either pricing approach.