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Well-Established International Architectural & Planning Firm

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Julie Sandoval

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The Company is a global, award-winning architectural and planning firm known for creating environments that enhance communities and commerce throughout the world. It’s unique talents and experience with cultural geographies, communities, traditions and values make it a preferred choice amongst leaders for national and International projects.

The Company generates 100% revenue from various services in the architectural industry. Services include: architectural design, site planning and master, construction administration/observation, economic analyses & business, and interior design to name a few. The Company is able to successfully complete projects with complex concepts due to the commitment and understanding of each client and their vision. The Company is well-established for future growth and success.

Investment Considerations

• Strong Historical Sales Growth:
Revenue for 2017 and 2018 was $13.4 million and $16.3 million; 2019 estimatedto reach $20.6 million

• Strong Earnings: Each year the Company generated strong earnings through efficient business operations andincreased revenue through a steady supply of high margin opportunities

• Backlog and Pipeline: Backlog as of August 2019 is $19.0 million with an additional pipeline of $34.5 million