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Western U.S.

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Kris Nielsen

(714) 815-4635


The Company offers name brand consumer electronic products and accessories primarily targeting the computer gaming community. It strives to create enhanced and powerful gaming experiences by allowing the consumer to customize computer equipment using quality components. Approximately 70% of sales are products sold under the Company’s own proprietary brand name. Revenue has grown 48% compounded annually since 2016, and in 2018 was derived from three revenue streams: gaming computers (70%), computer components (25%), and electronics (5%). The Company’s facilities include combined warehousing space of 25,000 square feet. The Company primarily targets individuals in need of a powerful gaming computer through retail (40% of 2018 revenue) and wholesale distribution channels (60%). The customer base consists of 15+ active customers, representing 90% of revenue from repeat business, and includes retailers such as Amazon, Amazon Marketplace, eBay, Newegg, and Walmart.