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The Company offers a unique mixing process and branded product line that is used to combine all types of hard-to-mix materials, including powders, slurries, extremely viscous pastes, and liquids. The Company’s core technology is superior to traditional processing methods in terms of speed, uniformity, dependability, and reduced waste. The technology enables the manufacture of products that cannot be made any other way. Products can be directly scaled from laboratory/bench scale to full-scale production without an increase in processing time, which is 10 to 100 times faster than competing products. The Company’s equipment is being used by the world's top pharmaceutical companies, international manufacturers, and technology giants; nearly every US national laboratory; and US military branches and intelligence agencies. The largest markets for its products are energetics (explosives, propellants, pyrotechnics), pharmaceuticals, aerospace and defense, batteries, chemicals, electronics, and numerous other markets. The global market opportunity for this unique, emerging technology is immense and is virtually untapped. Applications include bench through production batch mixers, continuous mixers, coating/sieving/grinding processes, and soon-to-be introduced continuous chemical processing fulfilling many industry-sought process intensification objectives. Superior Patented Product Line: The Company sells a branded product line based on a superior mixing technology that has grown to over 1,000 installations in 30+ countries globally. The Company’s core technology, used across all its product line, is unique and protected by numerous US and International Patents. There are no similar or competing technologies that yield the same features and benefits in terms of speed, quality, repeatability, and less waste. Diverse Customer Markets: The Company’s products are sold throughout North America, Europe, and Asia to numerous, and many untapped, markets. A sampling of industries includes energetics, pharma, aerospace and defense, electronics, advanced materials, batteries, chemicals, medical and dental products, abrasives, lubricants, industrial ceramics, biotechnology, specialty metals, cosmetics, adhesives, and more. Significant Growth Opportunities: The Company has a continuing RD presence in government and commercial markets. All inventing, design, prototyping, and production is performed in-house. Given substantially unlimited applications in government, medical, scientific, and industrial sectors, the Company's current business position (including two new products) is embryonic relative to its global market potential. Sales more than doubled to $20+ million in 2020. Motivation for Sale: The owners are targeting a five+ year exit strategy for successful transition and to help support next-step growth plans. They wish to maintain an ownership interest/rollover equity and seek a private equity group or strategic corporate buyer who can assist opening doors and broadcasting the capabilities of the Company’s technology.