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Western U.S.

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James R. Hermann

(972) 908-0770


The Company is a highly experienced HVAC mechanical contractor providing heating, air conditioning, piping, plumbing, controls, service, maintenance, repair, and environmental chambers installation for large public institutions and blue-chip clients. The controls and service lines of business are particularly unique to companies of this kind and serves as a strong differentiator in the market. The Company is headquartered in the prestigious Silicon Valley and Bay Area, close to numerous Fortune 100 companies. Customer markets include Public Works (school districts), Private Works (high tech, RD, and industrial), and Energy Management clients. Investment Considerations Superior Name and Reputation: The Company enjoys a long-standing (approaching 50 years) reputation and has built considerable brand equity in the Northern California market. Long-Term Client Relationships: The Company is proud of its strong ties to clients and its reputation for quality work and client service. Evidence of these relationships is shown in its 85% rate of repeat business. The top five clients have been working with the Company from a minimum of 7 years to a high of 26 years. High-Caliber and Long-Tenured Staff: The Company fosters a workplace where highly experienced and talented personnel thrive and grow, and therefore remain long term. Average tenure for key employees is an impressive 14 years, with some employees having worked at the Company for over 25 years. Reviewed Financial Statements: An outside accounting firm reviews the Company’s financial statements. The use of an outside accounting firm provides greater assurance to the accuracy and credibility of the historical financial performance. Strong Backlog: The Company has a backlog in excess (and growing) of $19 million as of February 2022 of projects expected to be completed this year and continuing into 2023.