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Mike Meredith

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This unique acquisition opportunity is for a Company that protects the world’s largest consumer electronic brands against gray market disruption via the Company’s ecosystem of aftermarket solutions. The Company is an innovative, full-service solution provider and marketplace brand manager, enabling a healthier and profitable retail environment. The Company uses a proprietary, gray market intelligence software system. The SaaS-based platform is already under contract with large well-known brands. Investment Considerations: Value-added Software Solution: The Company uses big-data, machine-learning algorithms, and supply chain investigations to expose as well as dismantle the gray market networks that drive online price disruption. Complementary Services: As part of the comprehensive aftermarket services, the Company takes care of reverse logistics, refurbishment, repackaging, and remarketing functions for consumer electronics firms. Strong Customer Relationships: The Company has strong ties to customers due to its industry expertise, broad product availability, vendor relationships, and excellent customer service. Specifically, the Company’s database includes approximately 125 customers. Scalable Operations: The Company’s ecosystem of aftermarket solutions can readily be scaled beyond consumer electronics into product categories such as small appliances, tools and hardware, cosmetics, and vitamins, substantially increasing the size of the Company’s total market opportunity. Base Year Revenue Growth: The Company's revenue is projected to reach $66.5 million in 2022 (13.2% growth over 2021). Improving Gross Margins: The Company intends to improve gross margins as a result of recent introduction of multiple value-added services, sales of more profitable products due to preferred pricing negotiated in conjunction with the software, and expansion into direct-to-consumer (“D2C”) channels.