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Rapidly Growing Regional Underground Utilities Contractor


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Southern U.S.

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Nydia Blanco

(832) 730-5987


BUSINESS DESCRIPTION The Company is a rapidly growing, leading regional underground utilities contractor specializing in water, sewer, and storm drain construction and repair. The Company has developed a broad set of capabilities and has completed work on a variety of projects in the public residential (65% of 2021 revenue) and private residential (35%) markets throughout the southern US. In addition, the Company has experience working in a wide range of construction environments including subdivisions, water districts, complex traffic situations, sensitive environmental areas, and high traffic commercial sites. BUSINESS HIGHLIGHTS Competitive Advantage: The Company has developed strong relationships with its customers throughout time, majority of Company’s projects are not competitively bid. Strong Client Relationships: With an average key customer tenure of over ten years and a reputation for quality work and service, the Company maintains strong ties to its customer base. In addition, while the Company’s revenue is project based, they have experienced a 55% rate of repeat business. Corporate Key Performance Indicators: The Company’s management team have established processes, systems and quantifiable KPI’s companywide which allows them to effectively oversee the business, set clear goals for employees, and provide high levels of operational efficiency and repeatable success. Reviewed Financial Statements: The Company uses financial statements reviewed by an independent Certified Public Accounting firm. Over the historical period, the firm has found no material defect in the Company’s financials. Safety Record: Crew and site safety is an area of significant focus for the management team. As evidence of the Company’s commitment to safety the Company’s current safety rating is 0.75. Strong Sales Earnings Growth: The Company’s sales grew from approximately $37M in 2019 to more than $53M in 2021, with an additional increase to $70M by the end of 2022. In addition, EBITDA increased from approximately $3.6M in 2019 to $9.0M in 2021 and is expected to reach $11.9M by the end of 2022.